Services & Pricing

We offer premium services to our clients to help them transition their puppy from the breeder of their choice, to their new forever home while mitigating the risk and stress of purchasing a puppy online.

Puppy Temperament Assessment

Its difficult to know if the puppy you have fallen in love with online is truly the right puppy for your lifestyle by just one photo. Spending thousands of dollars on a dog without getting to play with it, hold it, watch it socialize with other siblings in it’s litter, or check for any signs of abuse and physical ailments is a huge gamble. We help bridge the gap between the puppy and the client by spending time with the desired puppy in person. We send extra photos and videos for you to make your final decision as well as assess the needs you have in your ideal dog.

$150 for 1 dog

$350 for up to 5 dogs (must be within 30 miles of each other)

Puppy Training Bootcamp

Most puppies come from rural breeders in the heart of Amish country here in Ohio. Fundamental training gives the dogs and their new owners a solid foundation for successful continued training after the puppy has been delivered. Our 24/7 board + train combo gives your puppy the foundation it needs to transition into their new forever home successfully and with little stress to you. We believe in pack style learning while being in an actual home environment. We have limited availability as we keep our packs small to maximize their pack leader interaction. Upon pick up, puppy trainees know how to safely travel in the car and carrier with no crying or whining, can hold their potty breaks for 7+ hours so you can get a full night’s sleep, understand walking on a leash, and be confident while sleeping in their crate. Training will include but not limited to:

  • Carrier Training
  • Leash Training
  • Potty Training
  • Crate Training
  • Pack Socialization
  • Urban Exposure
  • Commands

$125 per day

(30 day minimum)

Virtual Puppy Training

Virtual Puppy Training is a perfect option for new owners who don’t want to wait to get their new puppy into their forever home! Training sessions are tailored to your home environment, the puppy’s temperament, breed, and your goals for what you want your new fur baby to learn to make him or her the best companion for your family. You have the convenience

$595 for 5 virtual sessions

What to Expect:

All training sessions start with a consultation call to help you get you, your family, and your home get prepared for virtual training sessions with your new puppy. We assess the training objectives you want to cover and tailor your training experience to the individual needs of your puppy, your family, and your home. Sessions can be offered done via zoom, facetime, or through coaching phone calls.

Single Call $95

Our mission is to make the world a better place by connecting the unconditional love of dogs with devoted families by curating confidence in the online puppy sales experience.