Curating Confidence with the Online Puppy Buying Experience

We aim to change the online puppy buying experience by helping clients know where their puppy is coming from, give details about it’s personality and temperament, as well as offer effective puppy training bootcamps prior to your puppies arrival to their new forever home. Take the risk of buying online with having a real puppy professional ensure you are getting the right puppy for your family and lifestyle!

Most breeders in Ohio live on farms with very rural lifestyles. Our puppy fundamental training is essential to bridge the gap between the first 8 weeks of their life on the farm and their new urban life as part of your family. We believe your pup should be equipped with the basic skills that will allow them to travel successfully, as well as relieve their new owners of starting essential training on their own. When puppies go to their new families, they can sleep through the night, have the basics of potty training down, are comfortable being in a crate, know how to confidently and quietly travel by car and air, as well as learn the essentials of proper leashed walking.

Buying a puppy online can be difficult- especially if you fall in love with your puppy based on their perfectly posed photos. Our temperament testing services go beyond the photo to truly investigate your puppy of choice beyond the photos. We address not only the puppy’s personality, but also take more photos, videos, and gather more information on the breeder on your behalf.

We only work with the best. Rest assured we never work with puppy mills and should be seen as your personal liaison between your high standards for ethical animal treatment, and the breeders who are being excellent stewards of their animals. Look at our latest litter here.

Mini Bernedoodle Puppies For Sale

Snickers- Mini Bernedoodle Puppy

For more information on Snickers- click here.

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